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For Those Who’s Others Have Passed

Though Life can be Joyful or Painful who really wants to repeat it or even have it end!



My Own Mothers Memoriam

                There is No reason to mourn the death of my mother, brother, or father because just as they were meant by God who dwelt within them for them to have been here physically, they are now at a time that has come willed by the Great God {Allah} meant to leave here by His wrath or by His blessing. What is meant to be will most definitely be. There is nothing anyone or anything can do to hinder what is meant. From eternity before them and us to eternity to go on long after us we dwell in spirit before coming here, we live here for a while and then exist in spirit before, during and after our time here and there is No beginning nor any ending to our spiritual existence just different levels. {see MHK – ch. 1} All things in life are done in evolutionary cycles and all things in this life rotate around their origins, so just as they died, they will again live in a much, much better world perhaps and way of life, forevermore once more later on again. Just as God dwelt within them as the means for them to live here on Earth with us, during their short time(s) of years, I do believe that God meant for them to leave at this time but they will always be with us because now their spirit is released and freed from their bodies to dwell in the hearts, minds, and bodies of each of us as meant and willed by God. Then just as this is so and the world is continuing to evolve for the better and then also perhaps for the worst there will come a world as meant by God where we will never leave but will always be in existence in some way, shape, form, or fashion very much alive as is meant to be by God.

                Therefore, if you understand me there is no reason to mourn because all things in life are meant and have a purpose for being or seeming Not to be in existence. There is nothing we can do to prevent certainties in life things will definitely happen because they are meant to happen and God does mean for us to exist in another way perhaps, in another world. So, I would like to say that my family passed is as it seems is still very much alive with us in their own loving existence in another way maybe even more so now than ever because all of our spiritual life is infinite and there is nothing that can be done to prevent what is meant by God even though we may not see His purpose ahead of time or know what is meant by Him until it happens there are 2 sides to everything and sleep is the twin brother of death and it will always be in existence that I stated these things because these sayings are also meant by the God within and without of me for everyone to hear, see, and always cherish, and at least remember. {Read the Holy Qur’an and Moorish Holy Koran as well concerning pairs and duality of life chapters 77, 55, 91}

                Finally, with each New day and with every sunrise the days and the moments seem to get just that much more of a degree brighter for me when I think of them and God. I am surrounded by signs both by nature as well as man-made that the hope of a New beginning toward eternity is really real. Amen, and/or Amin!  
Further Investigative Study
                No one can contain a god {God and M.A.N. are one - study Para-psychology - Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, Scientology, and more Moor study - seek knowledge from the Cradle to the Grave even to Walls of China - study - Taoism as well}

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