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About Me
Here For

God's taking care of God's (REAL LOVE)

Favorite Music
Spiritual or positive music that builds up the mind thoughts) body flesh), soul(Your true self), and spirit (What belongs to God)!

Favorite Movies
Malcolm X & Martin Luther King

Favorite Quotations
After everything material fades away we still have God(LOVE). The material (Paper, the body, the natural). God (LOVE) doesn't die; you can not kill God, or Love. So love, since love covers all!

General About Me
I am just like you, loving each other and taking care of each other. I am no better than you, God don't hate, why should I. God forgive, there I forgive. God let's you be you and don't judge you why should I judge you? God doesn't force itself on you, neither should I, therefore, I am god! We are god's, we walk, talk and act like God, therefore we are god's. God and I are One, my spirit belongs to God, therefore I am god, because God is a Spirit and they that worship God must worship God in Spirit and truth. My body is flesh, my Spirit belongs to God. If my son and I come from each other, my son's or daughter blood runs in my veins; that means we are one. We show love, not hate. God don't kill God, we build each other up, not to become like each to hurt or put each other down. God loves, therefore I am love, I forgive, I don't hold grudges, yet I love, there God is love and I am LOVE! PEACE SHALOM to all who submit to the one true God, the spiritual not the physical. I worship the spirit of Love, creation, not destruction! SHALOM to ALL (Color, is just that color, money is paper, so are the cares you buy) If you cut me I bleed, I hurt like you as well, (the physical, yet you can not hurt the spirit) Shalom!

Walk Like God, Talk Like God, Act think Like God, therefore SHALOM -I am like my Father God.... god.. we are made in God's image not man, the flesh material!

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