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About Me
Here For

In Commission to our Nation through the New Jewel Movement.

Favorite Music
Well Music is the epitome of the Soul which consists of Reason, Rememberance, Thinking, Understanding and Willing.

General About Me
A conscious courageous Almighty fearing Moorish American Yisraelite brother.

Shout Box
Dec 14th 2016
Dec 14th 2016
Islam Bro. Enoch thanks for your Shams. Citizenship don't forget your picture here and always carry your i.d.card(s). Reach out to others other Citizens here with you also and others you can find elsewheres. Should any need my help ever contact me nonstop directly please for assistances. I am considering you for assistant Chief Administrator to setup suggesting ideas for programs do contact me ok. Thanks again act on this message now don't forget any problems post within here now as well. Keep in contact with me lets work together.

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