The Despair of the Blackman /

                The giving up despair of the so-called Blackman is caused by his most Natural of enemies including even to Holy Qur'an sura 72 the Jinn and Ephesian 6:10 to 16 concerning so-called Black Leaderships and even governmental entities with organizations. The so-called white man has not only instilled fear into the entire Nation of the Blackman but fear turned into a real sense of hopelessness in the Black woman towards her Natural man the Blackman. The control of the so-called white man has turned into a false sense of trust among so-called Black women turning her to rebel and even become enemy in a strong sense against her own so-called Black nation these are just some of the criminal activities of greed, control and abusiveness of the so-called white man against the so-called Black Nation. - Matt. 7:21 to 23 Lord, Lord - HOLY QUR'AN 15:26, 27 and HOLY QUR'AN 20:102 - Hosea 4:6 - 2Tim. 3:1 to 7 and 2Tim. 4:2 to 5.

                Though things have tried to get rectified or set straight and right by members of the so-called Black Nation. This Global and Universal control of the so-called white man against the Black Nation is hard to set right, yet it is not impossible. The so-called Blackman just needs to stand up more fearlessly in order to defend the so-called Black Nation at all costs. A very few have tried and the only ways that seem affective are to weaken the so-called white man's grip by striking down his so-called fictitious Laws which in actuality are only meant to govern the so-called white race that and his economy, economic controls which are the two main advantages the so-called white man uses to control the so-called Black woman and therewith the so-called Black Nation.

                The so-called Black Nation can and will rise gradually but the reality of what is happening has to be faced with determination first to overcome. The education of the so-called Blackman is the key answer to the eradication of this situation, the so-called white man is not the answer even if he tries to be, we must seek the resolutions amongst our own Black Nation of people. We as a so-called Black Nation are not in total lost of despair, and as long as the so-called Black woman exists and is wanted by even the so-called white man mostly the so-called Black Nation has a chance because there is no getting rid of the so-called Black man as long as the so-called Black woman exists and the so-called Black Nation is more than capable.

                The Psychological basis of the differences of these things is founded in Willie Lynch Philosophies and practices with false tendencies of desire, growth, and the actual wanting to overcome in the so-called Black woman  these are the real foundations of all the so-called Black  Nations despair.  It is the want of the so-called Black woman to try to cling on to her own false hope of saving while fictitiously and in reality helping the so-called white man destroy  her so-called Black Nation which is in a weakening  sense really  yet with possibilities of strength this is a total true reality! - Amen and Amin - a = Emanuel

Amen - So Be it = Amin - a = alif = friend - Emanuel = God is with us!

Isaiah 9:6, 7 - Rev. 2:1 - Rev. 19:16 Kings - Rev. 21:5 - Rev. 22:16

                Total racial equality is only achievable with fairness which is the righting of wrongs that exist and have existed among all Nations of the Earth and the Universe. This is the definition and meaning of so-called white disease against humanity causing and creating crime or crying minds! - Leave Your Own Ideas -