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Understanding the Inner Mental Workings of Socio-psychopaths!

Possible Mentalities of Sociopaths!

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    To get inside the mind of a socio-psychopath one would need to understand the hurt that a person like this is experiencing, what is the feeling foundation of this mentality. Usually these kind of individuals, socio-psychopaths, feel neglect, jealousies, harms of abusiveness, and so forth in areas especially of self - esteem, love, friendship, not feeling kind treatment from others, being labeled, scapegoated with blame of things which may be delusional needing understanding, and C.A.R.E. over what they either did, thought or did not do or lack of an understanding when prior being accused of a situation, incident, deprivation of love, or any sort of things along these areas by others especially, or even self inward temptations. An idle mind is the devils workshop!
    Socio-psychopaths are most usually loners, those falsely accused, emotionally, and / or physically abused and so forth most times by others especially circumstantially. Usually these characteristic types are feeling severely victimized by the lack of wanting to be loved, but actually not being loved or accepted in some way.
    The solution to these mind sets is often to find a way to give these people treatment in areas of feelings where they lack or feel alone. It entails counseling into the feelings the socio-psychopaths feel about harm in social settings of where they feel the lack. Often more positive associations, feelings, socialization, communal connectedness, feelings of receiving warmth, and understanding in areas of where they lack or feel their personal despairs. These are the things that cause, and can relieve feelings of the socio-psychopathics. An un-seeming cure metaphor may be as scriptures seem to imply along this reasoning perspective this may be way even in Sodom and Gomorrah, along with Yehoshua's (Jesus that is for some) the reason these stories appear to have compassion even upon a harlot which in some cases may be an honorable profession for some, because it helps one who may be a socio-psychopath in certain instances get to not have the feeling that they have no one at all to help burden such forms of the pains of a socio-psychopath as they may have. This can be a solution of sorts to this sort of character madness, and lack, even in feelings of personal pains, and neglects. We all need love but in order to experience love for others one needs to know love ones self primarily as well, absence of love can create, contribute, to and be the cause of this characteristic behavior that is socio-psychopathic and dangerous to all.
    Psychology has it that it is better for a person to be able to vent off their rage verbally if able in the right situation, and to find positive ways of doing so. This is much better than keeping feelings of hurtful things pent up inside oneself. Warning signs which should never be ignored or played down, there can be feelings of alienation from others, isolation, feeling somehow bazaar in social settings about themselves, labels, mockery, even being laughed at or blamed with other abuses and little of any kind of understanding, love, or warmth to this kind of person contributes to their condition of being socio-psychopaths.

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